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While online business owners are focused on how their website looks, the fact is most of their site visitors simply won’t see them. People use search engines for convenience and time-saving so they can get exactly to the pages they want. That’s why being visible requires a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. Below you will learn all the techniques used to make online businesses reach their target market.


Search engine optimisation is a process that uses a range of tailored online tactics to get business websites visible on the internet. The main aim is to get a business’s website ranking at the top of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when a potential customer searches for a product or service online.

A business website with professional SEO ranks at the top of the search engine page when they have properly targeted their customer base. This is done by creating keyword specific fresh and original content for a website which correlates to a particular customer’s online searches. This is one way of driving traffic to your website. Another equally important way is building excellent links to your website from other places on the internet.

SEO is crucial for creating brand awareness and making a website popular online. Without good SEO, you will not reach as many potential online customers because your business website will not appear in the search engines for your business’s specific keywords. Websites with carefully considered SEO are favoured by the search engines because they want quality and relevant content so customers have a satisfactory online experience.

The SEO Process Includes:

Keyword Research – For every business there is a keyword that is specific to its product or service. For example, if you own a ladies shoe brand, then keywords specific to your product could be cute running shoes, ladies shoes, comfortable ladies shoes etc. An SEO consultant will initiate a thorough keyword research plan to obtain the most widely searched for keywords on the web which are relevant to your product or service.

Competition Analysis – Studying your competitors SEO practises help you to understand what SEO techniques are going to work for your site and what won’t work. This is the easiest and most effective way to discover exactly what is needed to compete in your chosen niche.

Content Optimization – The content of your web page has a direct effect on the search engine rankings of your website. Content optimisation includes creating page titles with the specific keywords you are targeting, adding a Meta description about what services you are offering and making sure that the web page content has a sufficient keyword density for your chosen target keywords.

Keyword Research
Competition Analysis
Content Optimization

Why SEO is Important For an Online Business


The greatest benefit of Search Engine Optimisation is that it makes sure that your websites pages are accessed by search engines and potential buyers. It does so by constructing links for the search engines and buyers through clicking as well as by following the links off your website. These are the basics behind building links. These links can get you a greater number of visitors and even higher rankings. SEO also uses newsletter and RSS feeds to produce a loyal customer base. This is an efficient way to enhance your website traffic.


Compared to all the other types of marketing strategies, online marketing and SEO is the best cost effective method which provides a good ROI and long lasting results.


Another major benefit of search engine optimisation services for small business websites is building brand awareness. When your website is shown in the top search results frequently, prospective buyers become aware of your brand. And when this is maintained with the right SEO techniques, the possibility of transforming visitors into buyers is greater because majority of internet users trusts search engine results for the credibility of a product or a service.


With SEO services, you can reach buyers residing in other countries with ease. This is a great benefit especially for e-commerce businesses. When a customer searches for the specific product and if your website is SEO friendly, then search engines will give your website top rankings on search results. This means you can cater to International customers easily.


The SEO services can help small businesses to create a user-friendly website. Clutter free and responsive websites can enhance your page views. Similarly, good relevant contents like blogs can keep readers informed and updated about the products or services.

We know that with the mushrooming of businesses every day, you would absolutely want to move your venture ahead of others. A new or a small business has to deal with a lot of hurdles like the need to reach the right target audience. A good SEO consultant can get your website in top rankings in search results, which means your website gets visited by more prospective customers.






Backlinks & The Importance of Social Signals

The greatest benefit of Search Engine Optimisation is that it makes sure that your websites pages are accessed by search engines and potential buyers. It does so by constructing links for the search engines and buyers through clicking as well as by following the links off your website. These are the basics behind building links. These links can get you a greater number of visitors and even higher rankings. SEO also uses newsletter and RSS feeds to produce a loyal customer base. This is an efficient way to enhance your website traffic.

How to Get Backlinks?

A lot of marketers buy backlinks with the help of paid services. But the use of such links can get you penalised by search engines. There are other legal and effective ways to acquire backlinks such as –


Who doesn’t like to share interesting and informative content? We have gone through several tutorials and engaging articles and shared the links with others. This is the simplest yet effective way to get backlinks from genuine sites. You need to do research and stay tuned with the current market trend to figure out what works with your target audience.


When you comment on others sites, you can expect most of them to return you the favour. Start commenting on forums and other related sites and this will help you to get the backlinks.


Web directories used be a popular option for attaining backlinks but it is difficult to find reputed and genuine web directories. Do your homework and try to find legitimate web directories that can help you attain backlinks.

Importance of Social Signals in SEO Campaigns

Social Signals lets search engines know how a brand or a website is being accepted by users online. Some users might dislike the website whereas some might like it, but search engines continuously monitor both the aspects. Social signals indicate the amount of interaction between the brand and the users online. Social signals are important in an SEO campaign because it’s these Social signals that let the search engines know whether you are liked or disliked by the audience. This in turn determines your ranking on search engine results. When there is a fall in social signals it indicates that the brand is not liked by customers, this can make your webpage end up in the lowest end of search results.

For a company which has the maximum likes on Facebook, more popular on twitter or Instagram will obviously be favoured by the search engines, compared to the other companies who have a weak social media presence. So when your company publishes an interesting post or uploads a very funny video or posts a remarkable picture, not only are you gaining more followers and becoming popular but you are also entering into the list of reputed sites of the search engines.

The Differences Between On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

All kinds of businesses today require a webpage to reach out to a greater number of customers and to increase their sales. And everyday more and more businesses are launched with a website. With so much competition online, serious business owners employ SEO strategies to cut through the online clutter in order to reach their audience. Search Engine Optimisation as you might already know is the use of relevant keywords in your web page content which helps to gain your brand or website wide exposure online.

There Are 2 Types of SEO:

01. On-page SEO

02. Off-page SEO


As the name suggests, on-page SEO is the optimisation of the content on your web page, which can be on the website or the blog. In this type of SEO strategy relevant keywords are included in the content of the web page numerous times. The keywords can be incorporated into the domain name, page title, Meta description, as caption for images or videos and also in the body of the main content. But when doing an on-page SEO, you need to take care not to stuff the content with keywords. Keyword stuffing can get you penalised by search engines such as Google. The content needs to be readable and the keywords or related keywords should be incorporated naturally. A keyword density of 2-3 per 300 words is appropriate.

When it comes to keywords, you need to ensure that the particular keyword is searched frequently by your target audience. For finding the right keyword you will have to do a keyword research. There are several online tools available that can help you find the suitable keywords exclusive to your product.


To get better rankings you need to do keyword search engine optimisation on the content outside your webpage. Your site name, business name and your keywords need to be mentioned in different places across the web. This makes the search engines rank your webpage better. A very popular and effective way for off-page optimisation is creating social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ etc are great social media platforms for off-page SEO. Since these platforms have millions of followers, creating accounts on these sites, can widen your customer base. But you need to constantly maintain these accounts by updating fresh content in it in the form of posts, pics, videos etc. All the updates need to be interesting, engaging for your readers and relevant to your product or service. Just like in on-page SEO, off-page SEO also needs proper keyword research to find the right keywords and content that can boost your search engine rankings.

So you see on-page and off-page search engine optimisation are equally significant in getting you maximum web exposure and to improve your search engine rankings. With the proper keyword research and with the right use of the social media you can be confident of your web page becoming popular online.





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