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We help small to medium sized businesses achieve first page rankings for their products and services on Google, Yahoo & Bing by developing a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.





This is where we start

We Carry Out an Extensive Web Audit

We will begin by analysing your website for proper meta title, description and keywords. We will make sure your site’s content is targeting the proper keywords for your business so that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing know exactly what your business is about which enables them to list your business site in the proper search results.

It's all about the research

We Research Your Competitors Web Tactics

In this step we will analyse your competitors websites and determine what type of off-page SEO they are employing to be ranking on the first page in the search engines for their chosen keywords, such as how many backlinks your competitors have pointing to their site, what kind of social signals do they have (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest).



Take action

We Initiate Our Off-page Strategy

During this step we will initiate our off-page SEO strategy by building high quality backlinks and social signals to your website. We will also start local SEO for your business site by getting your site accepted and listed in “Google Business”. This will ensure that Google Yahoo and Bing recognise your site as a real & credible business which will ensure your listing on “Google Places & Maps”.

Proper management is key

Google AdWords Campaign Management

Once you have decided to run a Google Adwords campaign to promote your product or services, you must make time to properly manage that campaign by properly optimising your Keywords and Ad Copy. Failure to do this will result in a low click through rate, increased Ad spend and a negative ROI (Return On Investment).

There are 3 main areas which must be monitored and improved:

Ad Targeting

When you set up your ads in Google Adwords, it is imperative that you are targeting your ideal customers. A simple example of this would be, if you are selling t-shirts, you do not want to be targeting people who are searching for shoes. You ensure that you are targeting the right customers, by carefully selecting the appropriate keywords that relate to the products you are selling.

Ad Copy

Once you have carefully chosen the keywords that relate to the product your business sells, the next important factor to consider is your Ad Copy. To get this right you do not need to hire a professional copywriter, however, you do need to be continually split testing your Ad Copy between at least 2 different Ads and be constantly tweaking the Ads depending on click through rate.

Landing Page

It’s  not only the Ad that is important, but also where it takes someone. The landing page that your prospective customers lands on after clicking on your Ad cannot be overlooked. It is very important that when someone clicks on one of your advertisements for a specific product or service that the landing page they arrive on has that specific product or service on that page.

Google Business Listing

If you are a local business looking to reach out and grab more local customers, you cannot pass up on the opportunity to get your business listed in the ‘Google Business Directory’. Once Google has verified that you do indeed have a local business which is valuable to your community, they will list your full business profile on their front page, complete with website address, opening hours, product images and directions to your business. A verified Google Business Listing can help brand your business, drive more customers through your doors and increase your ROI.

  • Local business listings will appear on Google search
  • Business listing helps build brand awareness
  • Includes direct link to your website
  • Directions to your business are entered into Google maps
  • Business listing shows opening and closing hours
  • Customers can add reviews of your products or services
  • Extremely mobile phone friendly
  • Business listing are linked to your Google+ account
  • A verified Google business shows you are a credible business

We Will Send You monthly reports as part of your package

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